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Because this site deals with racially sensitive topics in a historical context, the visitor to this site may encounter words, terms, epithets, sentiments and statements which may contain racially inflammatory or offensive language. Such language, when given in a historical context on this website, whether directly quoted, paraphrased or summarized, shall not and should not be considered “hate speech,” either by the author(s)/owner(s) of the site or by site visitors.

This policy attempts to balance intellectual and academic freedom, free discussion, and historical accuracy with sensitivity to modern racial sensibilities and civil discourse. Any individual or entity which posts, in the judgement of the site owner(s), any content promoting racial hatred, bigotry, hate speech, or offensive content not directly related to the website subject may have their post deleted and may be barred from further participation in this and perhaps other affiliated sites owned by the same site owner(s). However, the site owner(s) claims no responsibility for posts and comments made by others, and may not be able to monitor all comments posted on this site. Failure to observe, monitor, or delete a statement which may be construed as “hate speech” shall not be considered an endorsement of such speech or sentiments in any way.

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Policies: posted 9/10/2012; rev. 1/12/2013.