Summer Travels? Visit Hermione House

On this anniversary of the battle at Milliken’s Bend, I wanted to highlight the Hermione House in Tallulah, Louisiana, about 30 minutes west of Vicksburg off of Interstate 20. A small but impressive museum, the Hermione (pronounced “Her-mee-on”) House is owned and operated by the Madison [Parish] Historical Society. Staffed entirely by volunteers, hours can be variable, so always call ahead in advance of your visit to ensure someone will be there to greet you.

The focus of the Hermione House is to document and tell the history of Madison Parish through artifacts and other items. Unknown to most visitors from outside the parish, Madison Parish has an incredibly rich history, with a number of significant stories. Madam C.J. Walker, who made her fortune in hair care and cosmetic products for African American women, and who became the first female millionaire in America, was born in the parish. Teddy Roosevelt went on a famous bear hunt here. And Delta Airlines trace their origins to Scott Field here. Of course, Madison Parish is also the site of the battle of Milliken’s Bend, and they tell this story as well.

The collections, items, stories and people you can find at the Hermione House museum really are treasures. Unlike the massive Federally-funded operation at Vicksburg National Military Park across the river, the Hermione House is modest, but perhaps more impressive for the work it does as an all-volunteer operation. Vicksburg gets all of the attention – but Tallulah and Hermione House should receive more of it. They are doing important work to document stories that too few people know about. Local history is often hidden history, and it is only through the dedication of hard-working volunteers like those of the Madison Historical Society that these stories can be preserved and told.

Be sure to incorporate and plan a visit to this gem to learn more – about Milliken’s Bend, and so much more!

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